how to use a controller in valorant

How to play valorant with any controller?

Since Valorant was official released today there are a lot of people who was asking us for a method to use a controller in Valorant, so today we are going to explain you how you can play Valorant with any controller.

The quick answer is not, ther is not an official support to play with a controller in Valorant however ther are a lot of software who let us to play Valorant with any controller you have.

This article is focused in reWASD an  sfotware developed for Daemon tools who let us remap our keybinds in our controller.

How to use a controller on Valorant?

In order to play valorant with a controller we are going to need the following requirements:

  • Pc
  • Controller compatible with our Pc (Ps4, Xbox one, Ps3).
  • An USB cable or a chip bluetooth in order to connect it.
  • You need to have downloaded and installed reWASD

How to download reWASD for free?

reWASD has an value of 16 dollars how ever it let us try it for free during 14 days long, so we are going to use that.

Once the free trial ends we are going to receive an email with an discount which let us buy the program for just 6 dollars so, use the free trial and then if you like it buy it cheaper.

  • First of all we are going to go to reWASD page and download the free trial.
descargar rewasd gratis
  • In a few seconds you will notice that at the bottom right, our installer named rewasd.exe begins to download.
  • You wait for it to download completely.
  • Right click on the installer and follow all the steps pressing accept if necessary.
  • You wait for it to install and once installed you restart your computer.
  • Once it is turned on again, you will be ready to enjoy all its features for free.

How to play Valorant with an Xbox One controller?

In the case that you have an Xbox one controller, it will be quite simple because it comes from the factory with native compatibility with Windows operating systems, so by simply connecting it, it will already be working and you can map it by following the instructions in the video at the end of this Article.

How to use a ps4 controller in valorant?

If you are a Ps4 user and want to use your controller to play Valorant, you must first force the compatibility of your device with your Windows operating system, if applicable. For this I leave you the following tutorial explained step by step.

Once you have managed to make your ps4 control work on your pc, you must follow the instructions in the video at the end of the article.

How to play valorant with a Ps3 controller?

With a Ps3 controller is the same story, since it does not have native compatibility you must use third-party programs to force it, I leave you a tutorial explained step by step on how to do it.

Once finished you can continue with the steps of the video at the end of the article.

How to use an Xbox 360 controller in Valrant?

To play Valorant with an Xbox 360 controller you will need to have a wired controller since the Xbox 360 controller is impossible to connect wirelessly and with a charge and play will not work.

If you have a wired remote control compatible with your computer, you can follow the same steps in the video at the end of the article.

How to play Valorant with a PC controller?

If you purchased a generic controller specifically designed to play on PC or have compatibility with it, you must follow the same steps as if it were an Xbox one controller.

Video tutorial

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